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The do’s and don’ts of marketing healthy food through social media.

Social Media and Digital campaigns can absolutely boost sales for food brands, even ones marketing healthy food. But not in the way we are used to. Brands must use social the way it was intended to be used—to talk TO consumers until they talk about YOU. In other words, talk to consumers in a way that gets them feeling more connected to your brand­­­ by demonstrating an understanding of what they to know, see, and experience. This shouldn’t be that difficult. They are very public. This has always been a challenge for brands, but it’s even harder on social....

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Re-modeling: The shift from skinny to fit and what it means for marketing healthy food

The way that consumers look at food is seeing a sweeping shift; we are now defining health based on fueling and strengthening the human body, not cheating it.   Going to the gym, eating well, and strengthening fitness has become the centerfold of today’s health campaigns. The affect it’s having on body image is not only fascinating, but it’s something marketers need to pay attention to (especially those marketing healthy food).   The message: super skinny doesn’t equal super healthy, and we’re seeing it everywhere – in food, fitness, and fashion.   Despite doubts and controversy, the fact that there...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Personalization Is Key

  What all consumers, but especially the valuable health-conscious ones want most these days is personalization. They want to feel like marketers understand them, and more importantly listen to and appreciate them. But attaining this aspect of personalization is growing more and more difficult for healthy food marketing as the health food category grows. So, how do you make a product feel personal, while still appealing to the masses? There are some companies that are doing an incredible job, and are really leading by example in showing us where brands are headed. Two MIT grads, Richard Yau and Joe...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Functional Beverages

Man cannot live on water alone. Or at least man doesn’t seem to want to. So to meet consumer desires for variety, we now have more beverage options than ever before. The constant introduction of a multitude of healthy juices, specialty waters, and protein shakes is a trend in the beverage marketplace (and healthy food marketing) that’s showing no signs of slowing down. What’s different about these new entries versus the Gatorades and Vitamin Waters of the recent past? It’s not their flavor but their function. What specific thing can each drink do to better your health or your...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Making Consumers See Why Seafood Is Worth The Extra Money And The Learning Curve.

Consumption of meat continues to go down. Protein based diets continue to pop up. And as health-consciousness continues to rise in the US, more people are eating at home than ever before. Sounds like the perfect time to be a seafood brand and in the healthy food marketing business. So how can they capitalize? Take Advantage of the move toward Protein Based Diets Part of the challenge for seafood brands is that healthy food consumers may not be clearly seeing seafood as an easy solution to their dieting challenges. Take Paleo for example. This is one of many protein...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Who Stands To Benefit From The New Sugar Guidelines?

Americans (and definitely healthy food marketing) know on some level that too much sugar is “bad” for them, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is finally taking a harder line. They are now saying that added sugar not only makes you fat, but also may be killing you by increasing your risk of death from heart disease. In spite of all the money spent on lobbying, these newly released dietary guidelines finally reflect the appropriate amounts of added sugar for a healthy diet. The Department of Health and Human Services wrote, “ Americans should be encouraged to...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Can Yesterday’s Diets Survive In Today’s World?

Healthy food marketers want to know- Is there still a place in the world for mainstream diet brands such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers, as consumers who used to call themselves dieters instead identify as health-conscious?   That’s a question these tried and true brands are asking. And here’s the question that I’m asking: Is a celebrity spokesperson still the best way to connect?   Marie Osmond for Nutrisystem, Kirstie Alley for Jenny Craig and now the spokeswoman of all spokeswomen-Oprah for Weight Watchers? Is it possible for the “Oprah Effect” to return Weight Watchers to its...

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Healthy Food Marketing Trend: Functional Snacking

While the growth rate of traditionally indulgent snacks is slowing down, sensibly indulgent products including those with perceived health benefits continue to rise. Just look at what’s available in the least healthy places you can imagine buying snacks, convenience stores and airports, and you’ll know what your consumers are looking for.  Healthy food marketing needs to pay attention.   Gone are the days when snacks only needed to be yummy and get you from one meal to the next. Today’s snackers are looking for treats with benefits (think functional beverages).   Will this help me sleep better? Will it be...

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Healthy Food Marketing Trends: There’s a more exciting way to find out what’s next

Marketers can spend a fortune on research when they are trying to uncover what health minded consumers will want next, or perhaps just take a quick trip to a city that’s always a few steps ahead.   For example: Portland, Oregon. Simply taking a walk in this trend zone might make research more robust and more exciting than merely looking at the latest statistics.  Healthy food marketing research just became more fun.   Coffee Portland takes their coffee really seriously (so not the place for those in a hurry!), and they know that high quality coffee is what consumers want....

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Healthy Marketing Brands Are Taking on Collective Wellness

Collective Wellness could be one of the answers. How could anyone argue that Collective wellness, or wellness by community is an incredible perk for health minded employees of a company. But what collective wellness says about a company could be an incredible boost for the brand itself and healthy food marketers are taking note. Today brands have to be about more than what they sell and how much profit they make. What they are about has tremendous influence on consumer loyalty. Consumers (especially those focused on health) gravitate towards brands that stand for a healthy lifestyle and believe in...

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