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The do’s and don’ts of marketing healthy food through social media.

Social Media and Digital campaigns can absolutely boost sales for food brands, even ones marketing healthy food. But not in the way we are used to. Brands must use social the way it was intended to be used—to talk TO consumers until they talk about YOU. In other words, talk to consumers in a way that gets them feeling more connected to your brand­­­ by demonstrating an understanding of what they to know, see, and experience. This shouldn’t be that difficult. They are very public. This has always been a challenge for brands, but it’s even harder on social....

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Which healthy foods do you consider to be your Olympian fuel?

Can you believe the Olympics are here, again? With the excitement of watching the best athletes in the world compete to win in archery, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, swimming, cycling, etc. – there’s no reason for television, digital newsfeeds or magazines to be covering anything other than the Olympic games! In the years and months leading up to the Olympic Games, athletes train passionately and obsess over every meal they eat, to improve their performance and push their physical limits. To honor their passion and dedication, Health Craze wants to talk to you about which healthy foods you would consider to be...

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What US Marketers can learn from the food brands Italy loves

In the boot-shaped country swaddled in the Mediterranean, Italy’s claim to fame- their incredible food – has always been ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to high quality ingredients (which is no surprise to healthy food marketers).   Italians spend more than double the percentage of their income on food as compared to the US, which pays off big in increased life expectancy of about 3.37 years longer than Americans.   In Italy, despite the slower pace and hour-long coffee breaks you’ll see in any piazza, the countries’ easy-does-it approach to life does not translate...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Personalization Is Key

  What all consumers, but especially the valuable health-conscious ones want most these days is personalization. They want to feel like marketers understand them, and more importantly listen to and appreciate them. But attaining this aspect of personalization is growing more and more difficult for healthy food marketing as the health food category grows. So, how do you make a product feel personal, while still appealing to the masses? There are some companies that are doing an incredible job, and are really leading by example in showing us where brands are headed. Two MIT grads, Richard Yau and Joe...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Health-Concious Millennials Crave Community

Everyone in healthy food marketing knows that Millennials are health-obsessed and goal-oriented, and being part of a bigger fitness community keeps them inspired and on-track.   Every day it seems that there are more and more ways to do that. The days of secret dieting and personal fitness plans are becoming a thing of the past. The Whole 30 diet is just one of many examples when it comes to eating plans.   Despite all the super-tough restrictions that are part of this plan, it has an incredible Millennial following. More evidence that they are serious when it comes to...

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Marketing healthy foods in today’s fragmented world

If you are a marketer, you know the days of messaging to a homogeneous target and broad/umbrella are gone. In order to break through and make a real connection today, all brands must understand this super-fragmented communication landscape. They need to leverage their available platforms to meet consumers right where they are and pinpoint the right message for that particular medium. That is no easy task, even when marketing healthy food.   We now live in a world where consumers are becoming increasingly complex; gender lines are blurred, stereotypical roles have been turned on their heads…and yet the expectation...

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Are You In It to Pin It When It Comes to Healthy Food Marketing?

Image Source: https://startbloggingonline.com/ Healthy food brands have become a force on the pinning platform. Pinterest isn’t just a place to pin our dream wardrobes and to live out DIY fantasies. This platform is also a food and recipe haven. A pin that features Cinnamon Roll Pancakes has over 16,000 shares.  Something that healthy food marketers should take advantage of. Here are five healthy foods brands that are successful on Pinterest: Whole Foods Market: Right now a big player like Whole Foods Market is appealing to the masses of pinners anticipating the taste of fall. From fall cocktail recipes to...

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The Modern Foodie is Changing the Game for Marketing Healthy Food

In the modern age, the landscape for the foodie has evolved. Gone are the days when the term “foodie” was delegated only to those who posted fancy photos of food at gourmet restaurants. Modern foodies are influencing conversations all over the blogosphere and online world, and they are cooking and experimenting way more than you might think.  Time for those marketing healthy food to listen up. One thing that hasn’t changed? Foodies are in pursuit of great taste. Except now, they’re doing it closer to home…in their own kitchens. They want the control in their hands, so they’re making...

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Marketing Healthy Snack Foods

According to Nielson data, “Out of the 2,000 products in the nutritional bar category, six of the top 10 fastest-selling products are KIND bars.” KIND has hit the nail on the head in marketing to Millennials, who have made snacking a part of their life. How have their health food marketers done it? Image Source: http://www.millennialmarketing.com/2012/05/snack-on-on-the-go-millennials-are-frequent-snackers/   1. Make eating on the go healthy and delicious Millennials have a strong desire, greater than any previous generation, to be healthy. They also don’t like to compromise. They want to have their busy lifestyle but still have the ability to eat...

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