Grocery shopping: it’s not just for women anymore. Today, more than half of all men are primarily responsible for grocery shopping, a statistic that is significantly higher than previous decades.

Gone are the days when dad leaves for the office and mom runs the errands. But even though Dad’s are doing so much of the shopping, it’s important to note that this crop of male shoppers comes with a mentality different than their female counterparts, from how frequently they shop to which brands they select from the shelf.

Our webinar takes a close look at the increasing significance of the male grocery shopper, their unique shopping behaviors and attitudes, and how this all can ultimately affect your brand.

Through research and deep marketing expertise, the Sawtooth Group has helped brands uncover consumer perceptions to create and long-lasting relationships with their target audiences. We’re excited to share our insights and tools with you in this webinar.

Watch and you’ll get:

  • The drastic change in today’s mix of grocery shoppers
  • A comprehensive look at today’s male shopper and how their habits can impact your brand
  • Insights on how to appeal to and win over today’s male shopper
  • Why marketers need to pay more attention to this growing segment of male shoppers