Author: Kristi Bridges

A Truly Authentic Purpose Driven Brand

For the last few months, I have been talking about purpose-driven brands and how their offering must be authentically related to their purpose. And it happened to me at ExpoWest. I already loved Jackson’s Honest when I bumped into their booth and met one of the nicest people I met on my entire visit, founder Scott Reamer. He was so warm and friendly, he inspired me to visit the website and learn the entirety of their incredible story. Jackson’s Honest is the most authentic purpose-driven brand I’ve encountered. To say I was inspired is an understatement. It reminded me...

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The Best From ExpoWest

What’s up and coming in the world of health? I just spent last weekend in California at Expo West, the show that is the Mac Daddy of natural, organic and healthy products. I tasted lots of interesting things and saw lots of interesting trends. Here are some of my favorites. Watermelon Everything As I walked through all of the halls of Expo West, I bumped into watermelon everywhere. It feels like the new hot flavor for all kinds of products including chewable supplements and maybe my favorite thing that I tasted for the very first time, dried watermelon. And...

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Do You Really Know Gen Z?

Why keep talking about Generation Z? Because in the next 2 years, they will make up 40% of consumers and their spending power will continue to grow. Understanding and exploring the many dimensions of this unique generation can help brands make long lasting connections as they come into their spending power. Wouldn’t it be brilliant to get connected to them now, instead of trying to win them back, like we did with Millennials? Gen Z is food obsessed Gen Z could also be called the foodie generation. And major influences in their lives like technology, social media, and the...

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Will finding your brand’s purpose unlock consumer loyalty?

The definition of Purpose is: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. It should also now say, a must for brands that want to build long-lasting relationships with today’s consumers. 66% of consumers will spend more for products that are both good for them and good for society, and 58% are willing to spend more for products that support a cause. The numbers are even higher when you look at Millennials and Gen Z. Brands that were born from Purpose (we call them Purpose Led) can easily articulate the reason they exist...

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Should Gen Z Really Be Called The Worried Generation?

Generation Z will take over 40% of the consumer marketplace in the next two years. Smart brands will start building relationships with them now. So what do you need to know? Gen Z has had Google in their pockets from day one. That means they can find out anything that is happening in the world in a matter of seconds. They experienced things like the Great Recession, the college debt crisis, Climate Change, and Civil Unrest live through social media. This has led Gen Z to have an uneasier view of the world than previous generations. Gen Z may...

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Is Self-Directed Health and Wellness an Opportunity for Brands?

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” Hippocrates said this around 400 B.C. And the food and Pharma industries are finally starting to catch on. From fitness trackers that let us obsess over our heart rates and sleep patterns to self-administered genetic tests like 23andme, Self-Directed “Health and Wellness” is here to stay. And as consumers’ access to personalized health information continues to grow, I believe it’s only going to become more widespread. Today’s health-conscious consumer is intimate with the impact food has on their body and overall health. They’re scheduling “well visits”’ to discuss specialized...

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Why are Trusted Brands Still lying to Consumers?

Low fat, low calorie, fat-free, fortified with Vitamin D, made with real fruit, gluten free, dairy free… we’ve seen it all on food packaging. But what do these claims actually mean? I believe going forward, brands that are honest about where they really fit into a consumer’s overall healthy lifestyle (even if they are indulgences) are going to be the ones that ultimately win the long-lasting, trusting relationships. Even though we know how much consumers value transparency, brands still try to sneak around it. It’s so prevalent, there’s even a term for it – Health Washing.  Health Washing is...

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What Brands Need to Know in 2018

Happy 2018! To kick off the new year and as a Thank You for your readership, I put together two super helpful PDFs that explore some of the most exciting trends to help you connect with the Health Conscious Consumer in 2018. First is a look at the leading edge of food trends. Lots of opportunities for brands to make deeper connections with the influential health-conscious consumers! What’s Popping in Food for 2018 Second is a look at what will drive consumers in 2018. If you’re not already doing some of this really important stuff, reach out. I’d love...

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For Mass Brands That Want Real Change, Working With Big Agencies Just Might Be The Exact Opposite Of What They Need

Personalization, authenticity, transparency and integrity are the characteristics that consumers are looking for in brands. It makes sense then that brands who want to shake up their sales and marketing should be looking for the very same things in their marketing partners. And those are generally not the big guys. Legacy and mass brands are desperately trying to catch up with their smaller, newer competitors. But many of them are still using the same marketing agencies and tactics they always have. The times, they are a’changing Advertising convention says big brands need big agencies, but this is becoming less...

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Personalization, Customization and Health. There’s no end in sight.

How great would you feel about serving these foods to your family? High quality proteins and vegetables prepared by real people, cooked at low temperatures in small batches to preserve the high quality vitamins and minerals. Or even better, fill out a survey that includes your age, weight, and allergies and get a food plan designed just for you, delivered weekly on ice packs, portioned into trays for your exact serving size needs. Both of these meal plans are for pets, not humans. The first is Ollie and the second is Farmer’s Dog. These new pet food brands are...

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