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Healthy Food Marketing: Pet Health, Food Is Just The Beginning

I’m a foodie and my dog happens to be one too. His current favorite cheese is Parmigiano Reggiano (really). I choose his foods just like I do mine. I scrutinize labels and search the aisles looking for the very best ingredients. Every once in a while I indulge. And so does my dog. Pets have […]

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Pet Food Marketers: Simplify the Overwhelming Process of Choosing A Healthy Food Brand For Parents

Being conscious of what we feed our children doesn’t stop with our biological kids. Many pet parents struggle to choose the healthiest food for their new pets. Fear of choosing the wrong food is real, and unlike choosing for our kids, choosing for our pets isn’t as clear-cut. Pet parents look to recommendations from vets […]

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Marketing Healthy Food to Health Conscious Humans And Their Pets

The health food trends of human food brands are now being marketed to man’s best friends. Now more than ever before, pet owners have an overwhelming variety of healthier choices to feed their beloved pets. Gone are the days of fillers and mystery meats.  And gone are the days of marketing healthy food only to […]

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Paleo for Pets? Can Pet Food get anymore human?

You don’t have to be an expert to see that marketing pet food and human food is becoming more and more similar.   The intense dietary demands that we are beginning to put on ourselves have started to bleed into the realm of our pets.   That means expectations of quality ingredients aren’t going away […]

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