In January, consumers are making resolutions to get healthier. And it’s more than just making a resolution to lose a few pounds. In 2019, brands have a great opportunity to promote realistic, long-lasting change in the health-conscious consumer.

So how do you get these consumers, who will be bombarded with messages, to connect with your brand beyond February 1st (when 80% of people have already failed on their New Year resolution)? A thought is to find ways to be supportive and provide encouragement on what really is a life-long journey.

Here are some thoughts on what can your brand can do to succeed going into this super competitive season:

Wellness is a way of life for ALL

In the past, the cool thing to do Saturday morning was to go to brunch, while only real yogis spent weekends in the yoga studio. Now a normal weekend morning is taking out time to go to a work out class or juice bar. Wellness is a life-long journey of improvement that focuses on achievable goal-setting, progress (not perfection), and gradual behavior changes. Brands that think broadly about wellness and how their brand uniquely fits in, and can authentically positively support consumers on this journey will have a better chance of connecting.

Help consumers take control of their health

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about food as fuel, medicine, prevention and sometimes even a cure. There are diets individualized by things as specific as blood type, and some to help people treat diseases like cancer, and now many consumers want this kind of understanding in their everyday lives. Retailers, like Tesco, help consumers make healthier decisions while shopping by using club card data to rate the healthiness of their carts and suggest healthier options. The new Apple Watch is getting closer to a medical device. It not only tracks steps but also is giving consumers access to info only doctors used to have, like an electrocardiogram. Brands that understand this growing need for knowledge and control will succeed by finding new ways to connect.

Wellness is going way beyond the body

Consumers are starting to use all kinds of new products and apps to help with mental wellness like stress management, relaxation, and anxiety. Brands are starting to think about helping consumers achieve a better state of mind in creative ways that everyone can relate to. Pacifica is an app that provides guided deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises, and daily anti-anxiety exercises to help you understand your thinking patterns and recognize anxiety triggers in the future. Aligning with this attitude, even for brands like bars and waters (could you be the post-meditation snack bar?) is a big opportunity for brands.

Build a sense of community around your brand

This could be an Instagram community that lets consumers engage with their favorite instructors after class or a food or beverage brand that creates ways to connect wellness-minded consumers. One of my personal favorites is community Peloton. They created a highly engaged online community that is deeply connected, even though they work out at home. According to a Forbes article, wellness is the new status symbol and has become incredibly shareworthy. Think about partnering with a brand that is already a community to raise your own status. Milkbar (yes Milkbar, check out this protein cookie created for SoulCycle) and Fiji are selling their cookies and water bottles at SoulCycle, the status of these brands has instantly been raised in my mind.

Consumer’s focus on wellness goes global

Today’s young consumers want to demonstrate that in addition to caring about their own wellness, they care about the wellness of the world. That means connecting to brands that have a mission that goes beyond profit. They support cleaning products like ECOS, Seventh Generation and Method that are natural and good for the environment. They also buy products like Stem furniture and Honest baby products that are chemical free. Important to think about when you are thinking about innovation. Being a part of the global wellness movement and considering your brand’s impact goes a long way especially with the very valuable younger consumers.

Wellness trends will be with us for a long time to come.  

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