For the last few months, I have been talking about purpose-driven brands and how their offering must be authentically related to their purpose. And it happened to me at ExpoWest. I already loved Jackson’s Honest when I bumped into their booth and met one of the nicest people I met on my entire visit, founder Scott Reamer. He was so warm and friendly, he inspired me to visit the website and learn the entirety of their incredible story.

Jackson’s Honest is the most authentic purpose-driven brand I’ve encountered. To say I was inspired is an understatement. It reminded me that when you truly connect with a brand’s purpose, it grabs you somewhere deep inside and that’s how Jackson’s Honest became my brand. Now, not only do I want to eat endless bags of their delicious Sweet Potato Chips, but I also want to do my part to help others discover this brand. That’s what true Brand Irresistibility is.

The Story

Megan and Scott Reamer were on a quest to find something that would cure their son of his rare autoimmune disease. Jackson suffered from multiple side effects from a disease which doctors could not figure out. His parents were determined to help him, even if it was only to help ease symptoms and his digestive discomfort.

They quickly turned to food as medicine. After doing serious research, they began cooking nutrient-dense foods, starting with a homemade beef broth that had healthy fats in form of cod liver oil, coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil. Within a month Jackson put on the weight he needed and his condition stabilized. The healthy fats altered his disease for the better and mitigated the most extreme of his symptoms.

While looking to add more saturated fats, The Reamers experimented, frying their own potato chips in coconut oil.The chips were so amazing, they started selling them out of gratitude. They saw firsthand how critically important these fats were to a balanced diet and were moved to spread the word. And now that I know their story, I too am moved to spread the word. The fact that their chips are so delicious just makes it easier!

An Uphill Battle

Megan and Scott know the snack category is an uphill battle; for years consumers and food companies have sacrificed nutrient density for price and convenience. But Jackson’s Honest is committed to being part of the changing narrative. As more of us reach a higher level of consciousness about how important what we put in our bodies is, we’re forcing food companies to move towards nutrient density and sustainability.

Goodness. Pass It On.

This is a direct message from their website (I couldn’t agree more).

Every Jackson’s Honest product includes the statement: “Goodness. Pass It On.” We want you to know that simple sentence has deep meaning to us. It captures the very essence of what we are trying to achieve with Jackson’s Honest products and Jackson’s Honest Charitable Foundation: provide snacks (that you’ll want to share!) made with traditional fats and also always be open to sharing important information about the role these traditional fats can play in our family’s diet and the role they’ve played for thousands of years in the food chain.

Jackson’s legacy lives on through the charitable foundation in his name. The mission, to make a profound and positive difference in the lives of children afflicted by orphan diseases, is already making an impact by funding primary research and supporting families efforts to manage these diseases with compassionate care.

I found their story incredibly compelling and so did Rohan Oza on Shark Tank!

You can read more about their story here: