2017 has arrived. And consumers (especially the health-conscious) are changing fast.  This year, brands will have to connect more deeply to earn loyal consumers. They’ll have to be irresistible because Love is no longer enough.

We all know love is fleeting, especially with Millennials. So brands have to become irresistible.  They have to break through, keep consumers engaged and motivate them to take action over and over again.

But how?

How can you protect your brand in this crazy climate where even the most loved brands are quickly becoming commodities?

And how can a brand begin to think about growth before truly understanding the complexities of what today’s consumers find irresistible?

These are some of the questions I ask myself every day. And one day a little over a year ago, it hit me. Just about everything we know about how brands market has changed, except for the way they do research and dig for insights.

That’s why we created I-Factor®.  A revolutionary, new brand building tool that really digs into the modern, fragmented, complex relationship your consumers have with your brand and to your category.

Let’s face it, there are so many kinds of research studies out there (brand tracking studies, A&U’s, segmentations), but literally NONE give you clues as to what your messaging AND your media should be. None can truly lead you to what to say AND where to say it, the magic combination when it comes to creating real irresistibility.

Until now.

With I-Factor®, you can dig into all the aspects of your consumer’s relationship to your brand and other brands in your category. And you get to understand the way your media and messaging choices are affecting that relationship. That information can be very powerful when it comes to helping brands grow and thrive in this crazy and fragmented digital age.

An I-Factor® study gives you a “report card” with scores in the three critical dimensions of Brand Irresistibility: Comprehend, Crave and Craze. And then we get at the why’s behind the relationship by using metaphor elicitation to tap into the consumer subconscious where 95% of all decisions are actually made. The result for brands; consumers that are willing to share more and spend more.

We’ve already completed 60 I-Factor benchmark studies on food, QSR and Wellness brands and we’re adding more every day. We have studies across categories like frozen foods, yogurt brands and pet food. The reports are full of information about what brands are strong, which are vulnerable, and why. And the results may surprise you.

I’ll save the juicy details for the coming weeks.

If you want to go from a brand that’s loved to a brand that’s irresistible you know how to reach me.