Yes, Legacy Brands are struggling, but we know they can make a comeback. And we’re going to tell you how during our webinar “Legacy Brands Aren’t Dead” on June 14th at 1pm EST.

Why is the demand declining for Legacy Brands?

Consumers are constantly being pulled away by newer, sexier brands. And they seem more than willing to immediately grant them the kind of trust legacy brands have spent decades earning.

We’ll share what Legacy brands need to do to succeed by helping them fully understand the challenges ahead, and helping uncover the insights that can keep them relevant and even help them thrive.

We’ll explore the growing expectations of four generations of consumers and share advice for navigating the fragmented media landscape.

There’s good news.

Legacy Brands have many inherent strengths they can leverage with today’s consumers if they choose the right narrative in the right places. We will explore this in great depth on Thursday.

The Sawtooth Group has helped bring many legacy brands back to life, and we shared our learnings, tools and insights with you during our webinar Why Legacy Brands Aren’t Dead. You can watch the webinar recording here.