In a world where everything I eat and use around my house is becoming more and more natural and plant-based, I started to wonder if my skincare products were moving in the same direction. When I looked into the brands that immediately come to mind, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, and Aveeno, I surprisingly found that they were not very natural at all. While they all list the ingredients for products on their website, most of them are words like Cocamidopropyl, Hydroxysultaine or Cellulose, not quite the list natural ingredients I am used to seeing in products I typically use. But while I was exploring skincare, I came across an old brand I recognized, Kiss My Face, that was (and always has been) talking about their natural message.

Kiss My Face launched way back in the 1980s with a big green olive bar of soap from Greece. They combined natural and organic ingredients to create effective body and personal care products in a healthy and sustainable way. They were definitely a brand ahead of its time.

I decided to check the I-Factor® Score of Kiss My Face and found it was a very respectable 40. That is a score we usually see for either smaller, newer brands or brands that are spending A LOT of money promoting. For example, Puracy Organics, which started only 6 years ago and promotes its natural, safe, and effective products has a score of 39. But Kiss My Face has been around for more than 35 years and has shown a commitment to not only natural products but also working with supply partners who share consistent values and continually striving to reduce their footprint.

Brands like Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, and Aveeno, on the other hand, are behaving like legacy brands and their Irresistibility scores reflect that. Our quantitative tool, I-Factor® measures a brand’s Irresistibility to consumers and tells us these products are struggling to connect. Scores of 30, 34, and 32 show that these brands are having a hard time remaining relevant with the health-conscious consumer.

Kiss My Face has been doing this since before it was cool to be aware of social responsibility and what is good for the environment, and it is paying off now. The health-conscious consumer knows when a brand’s commitment to health goes beyond what’s in their products and can feel the authenticity. Now if they can seize the opportunity to really get connected in a deeper way to Millennials and Gen-Z (I-Factor® can help), they could become a real leader in the beauty movement toward natural. Proving that every once in a while, a “legacy” brand has a chance against the constant onslaught of new competitors.

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