Right now every consumer in America is making their holiday list and checking it twice. They know which choices are naughty or nice. And no matter which holiday you celebrate, I think we all can learn a thing or two from the best marketer on earth. Santa Claus.

Who else has such global brand recognition while only working one day a year?

Here are just a few things every brand could learn from Mr. Ho Ho Ho:

Be who you are

In an age where just about everyone is trying to eat more mindfully and more clean, Santa still only eats milk and cookies.  He owns that belly as a big part of his personal brand. What can we learn from this genius marketer? Embrace indulgence. Because today’s consumers are starting to believe in the health benefits of indulging every so often. There’s a market for high quality, high end “treats” right now.


Make your customers feel really good

Have you ever seen anyone doing anything but smiling around Santa? Being around this guy creates enough cheer to create anticipation for a whole year. Starbucks seems to have a direct line to this insight. Walking into Starbucks after Thanksgiving is like entering a wonderland of holiday cheer. Here’s a surprising statistic. According to Zillow, homes within a quarter mile of a Starbucks increased by 96% over a 6 year period. Coincidence? Or does even being near a Starbucks make people feel good?


Give people something to believe in

Kids all over the world believe in Santa. Because they know what he’s all about. He stands for joy, cheer and giving. He makes it easy for people to get behind his cause because he’s so crystal clear about his mission. Take a look at Ben & Jerry’s. Their “linked prosperity” 3-part mission is front and center on their marketing platform. Today’s consumers WANT to know what a brand stands for. Give them something to believe in and they will.


What makes you irresistible?

Who can resist Santa? Have you seen how people line up for hours just waiting to see him for a minute? The Santa craze has been working since the 4th century. And he has evolved right along with the rest of marketing. He even gets social!  This old guy knows a thing or two about connecting with his audience. His I-Factor® is off the chart. He’s absolutely irresistible.


If your brand wants to really be as irresistible as Santa, tune in for my first blog of the year. I’ll talk about how your brand can raise its Irresistibility Factor® in a way that is measurable through engagement and even sales.

Happy Holidays to all my wonderful readers. Have a happy and (very healthy) New Year!