Happy 2018! To kick off the new year and as a Thank You for your readership, I put together two super helpful PDFs that explore some of the most exciting trends to help you connect with the Health Conscious Consumer in 2018.

First is a look at the leading edge of food trends. Lots of opportunities for brands to make deeper connections with the influential health-conscious consumers!

What’s Popping in Food for 2018

Second is a look at what will drive consumers in 2018. If you’re not already doing some of this really important stuff, reach out. I’d love to help you get there quickly!

Marketing Musts for Connecting with Consumers in 2018

I’ve also included links to the five most popular blogs of 2017. There are lots of great hints in these articles that will still be very relevant in 2018.

On Personalization:
Personalization, Customization and Health. There’s No End in Sight.

On Mass Brands vs Newbies:
The New Normal: Little Brands are Beating Mass Brands

On Millennials:
What can Healthy Food Marketers Learn from these Millennial-Loving Legacy Brands

On Whole Foods & Amazon:
The Amazon Acquisition will Make Room for The Democratization of Fresh and Healthy

On Incubators:
Why Chobani Created a Food Startup Incubator

I look forward to another awesome year of finding more ways to help you connect with the quickly growing population of Health Conscious Consumers. Gen Z is next. Click here to register for our webinar to take a deep look at your next generation of consumers!

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