Why Marketers Should Pay Attention to Fitbit Lovers?

When I’m in a meeting and my Fitbit buzzes to tell me to get up and move, I look around to see how many are also tapping their Fitbit to silence it. It’s so pervasive in our culture that just yesterday I was leaving lunch with a friend and he offered me a ride back, I said “No thanks, I need to get my steps”, he didn’t even think it was weird!

While Fitbit has some skeptics, their ROI doesn’t lie. With $2.17 Billion in revenue last year, more than 23 Million active users and 7.37 Trillion steps logged, Fitbit is not only retaining customers but gaining new ones.

So how can you can become Irresistible to those 23 Million Fitbit Users?

1. Build a Community to Keep Your Consumers Connected

At a recent conference, a speaker said “soon a brand’s job will not be to connect consumers with the brand, but to connect them with each other”. And that’s exactly what Fitbit is doing. Because there’s such a big community of people wearing FitBits and because they interact so frequently with each other, by default they are loyal to the brand.

Fitbit provides an incredible service to a highly engaged community. It helps hold consumers accountable to themselves and to each other when it comes to their goals. You can choose your own goal or sync with your friends to keep each other motivated. Fitbit even has “Goal Day” where you can get connected to fitness stars and experts. That provides incredible amounts of positive reinforcement. That’s the kind of stuff we all need more of.

With Fitbit, consumers are never really alone. A great question to ask yourself might be, what can my brand do to connect consumers around the experience of health, wellness, and friendly competition

2. Personalize for the Win

Fitbits are extremely personal. You can customize your Fitbit to look and work the way you want it to. There are now eight different models and hundreds of ways to customize the app to track the things that are important to you, like calories, sleep and exercise. You can decide if you want to connect your phone and receive text messages and notifications right to your band. And you can customize the clock face and the band or pendants so that your Fitbit is a true of a reflection of your personality.

3. Partner with Fitbit

If you can’t beat Fitbit, why not join them? Fitbit knows that in order to really get consumers to be loyal, they have to be all about what’s best for the consumer. And for them that means playing nice with other brands in the space, even if they seem like competitors. Fitbit users can connect their Fitbit’s to at least 38 different apps including Weight Watchers, MyFitnessPal and even Walgreens. Personally, I was so excited to learn that my Fitbit now syncs up with my Peloton, because that makes me feel even better about reaching my goals. So even if it isn’t obvious, there may be a brand that you can partner with to provide your consumers with an even better experience.


4. Call Me

As a marketer for over 20 years and a dedicated Fitbit user, I have a deep understanding of those 23 Million health conscious consumers that Fitbit has captivated. Let’s talk about how to make your brand truly Irresistible.