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Healthy food brands have become a force on the pinning platform. Pinterest isn’t just a place to pin our dream wardrobes and to live out DIY fantasies. This platform is also a food and recipe haven. A pin that features Cinnamon Roll Pancakes has over 16,000 shares.  Something that healthy food marketers should take advantage of.

Here are five healthy foods brands that are successful on Pinterest:

  1. Whole Foods Market: Right now a big player like Whole Foods Market is appealing to the masses of pinners anticipating the taste of fall. From fall cocktail recipes to guides for winter squash, this account is on trend and on season. A healthy recipe like pumpkin spiced oatmeal is featured on “The Fabulousness of Fall” board.
  1. Vita Coco: Vita Coco pure coconut water was first produced in Brazil. The tropical lifestyle brand lives by the line, “Stupidly Simple”. On Pinterest, the brand’s product integration makes the product less simple. The recipes for mixed fruit mojitos with Vita Coco introduce fun cocktails with a healthy element.
  1. Chobani: This beloved Greek yogurt is on several social media platforms and has an impressive 119,500 followers on Pinterest. What does Chobani do to keep its audience engaged? The “Fit With It” board goes beyond the product. The board has exercise tips and tricks; it is heavy on motivation. It also does well with a motivational board “Love this Life”; which goes a long way in humanizing the brand.  Good job, healthy food marketers.
  1. Udi’s Gluten Free: Udi’s #glutenfree living has made a mark on Pinterest. The brand’s most  popular board is Celiac & GF Awareness”. The board provides navigation for the challenges of living gluten-free with helpful articles. This is a smart tactic as the gluten free population continues to grow.
  1. Honest Tea: Honest Tea is diverse and creative when it comes to creating Pinterest boards.

The product is on a mission of integrity and sustainability. The board, “Fair Trade

Empowerment” is educational and a great example of the brand taking a stand. This is a

great way to attract the many consumers that are looking to get behind a good cause.

Should your food brand be on Pinterest?

Right now there are 172 million back to school pins so far for Fall 2015. That’s a lot of pinners, so think about getting a piece of that pie! In addition to being part of that back to school craze on Pinterest, here are three big reasons to consider using the platform:

  1. There are nearly 1.5 billion active users out there.
  2. The “Buy” button has opened a door for quick purchasing opportunities.
  3. Women dominate Pinterest; they are the world’s largest consumer group.

Maybe it’s time for your brand and healthy food marketers to stick a Pin(trest) in healthy food marketing.