The Skinny on Rosé

Marketers, did you know that Rosé is a confirmed “Certified Food Trend” by the beloved Millennial news source, Refinery29? This isn’t just a wine, it’s full fledged phenomenon. Rosé infused cocktails, Rosé themed t-shirts and purses, and foods are flooding the hearts and minds of consumers. Rosé is made when red grape skins touch the wine for a short time, creating  the incredibly lovely pink color that has Rosé everything flying off the shelves.. This is a trend that marketers might want to keep in mind as we enter the season of Rosé.

So What’s the deal with “Millennial Pink”?

Was it the color or the craze that came first. According to this timeline, from New York Magazine, the color “Millennial Pink” was initially featured heavily by fashion designers. It began to spread like wildfire on various products like pink sneakers, home products, and kitchen tools. In 2017 celebrities and trendsetters like Kendall Jenner, Drake, and Rihanna are making products or wearing “Millennial Pink.”  Rosé is definitely the right color at the right time.

What Can we Learn From the Rosé Trend?

If you’re marketing a major food brand, associating your brand with trends is a powerful tactic. Kusmi Tea’s Rosé Green Tea flavor and Sugarfina’s (They have a “Rosé All Day” collection), are brands that are either capitalizing on the trend or creating their moment because of it.

We know how important creating experiences is for Millennials  and a few incredible Rosé aficionados are putting that into practice. This June, there is an enormous Rosé Picnic on Governor’s Island, sponsored by the founders of La Nuit en Rosé. Complete with music and gourmet food baskets, this is a perfect  example of a marketer’s understanding what their audience wants, and turning it into an experience for them.

The obsession with Rosé ran so deep that Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir created “a world seen through rosé-colored lenses.” Yes Way Rosé is lifestyle brand that in their words, “captures the lighthearted spirit of Rosé wine” through clothing and accessories. They also have partnerships with popular Rosé brands. These women saw an opportunity to create a successful brand around something that consumers find irresistible enough to wear as a badge. The question in my mind is, how long will the trend last and what happens to the brand when it’s over?

Heavy Instagram users, will know the @TheFatJewish. It’s one of the most popular Instagram accounts, famous for making hilarious, relatable posts on day-to-day life and pop culture. “The Fat Jewish” had a sense that his audience would respond to a simple reimagining of a well-known product so he created “White Girl Rosé”, a parody of the Rosé obsession, that has created quite a craze on social media.

Do they love you like they love Rosé?

From Forty Ounce Rosés, to Frosé (Frozen Rosé) and Brosé, (a Rosé for men in a can), the innovations around this pink drink leaves me wondering, what’s next? Is there a cultural revolution happening that your brand can be part of? Let’s talk.

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