Every time another study about the health benefits of red wine is released, wine drinkers of the world rejoice! We often drink wine for pleasure while considering it a bonus that there are health benefits. What if marketers of wine were able to change the mindset of consumers and make health a more central focus of the wine industry?  Healthy food marketing takes a closer look.

One of the keys to marketing wine in a healthy way without a doubt is to focus on moderation. All the studies that preach the benefits of red wine drinking emphasize moderation. The health benefits can range from lowering risk of heart disease, stroke, and heart attacks to promoting longevity. However, all of these benefits can be negated with excessive wine consumption which can result in heart disease, infertility, pancreatitis, sleep deficiency, and obesity.

And what is considered moderation? According to Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010, moderation is defined as up to one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men. As we know, bottles of wine that are opened tend to be consumed in their entirety rather quickly for fear of the wine going bad, or sometimes for a little lack of self control. Should we rethink how wine is packaged to encourage moderate drinking?

Enter Zipz Wine. Zipz is a revolutionary new packaging concept for the wine industry. Many see it as a great option for consuming wine in places that aren’t suitable for typical wine consumption involving glassware, such as stadiums, pool areas, and beaches. However, one of the greatest benefits of packaging is its single-serve design which encourages the moderate consumption that allows for health benefits.  That’s a great plus in healthy food marketing.

If Zipz packaging became an industry standard, organic wines and non-organic wines could market the daily glass to health-conscious consumers. This packaging could prove to revolutionize wine marketing as we know it.

The packaging is fully recyclable and made with high quality food grade PET plastic that has a high quality feel. This packaging can appeal to the consumer who doesn’t want to be constrained by the indoors for consuming wine while providing the earth-consciousness of fully recyclable packaging.

It is time for wine marketers to think outside the bottle and consider the opportunities in healthy food marketing that this packaging can bring. I’ll raise a glass to that!