Can you believe the Olympics are here, again?

With the excitement of watching the best athletes in the world compete to win in archery, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, swimming, cycling, etc. – there’s no reason for television, digital newsfeeds or magazines to be covering anything other than the Olympic games!

In the years and months leading up to the Olympic Games, athletes train passionately and obsess over every meal they eat, to improve their performance and push their physical limits.

To honor their passion and dedication, Health Craze wants to talk to you about which healthy foods you would consider to be your Olympian fuel.

Next week I will be hosting Health Craze’s first LIVE Twitter chat at 6pm on Tuesday, August 16th.

The discussion will be a hybrid of Olympians, their diets and healthy food buzz.

Excited to learn more? It will all be revealed on August 16th.

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Health Craze Twitter Chat: Healthy Foods as Olympian Fuel